Off-Grid System

Off-Grid Systems are technical systems producing autonomously energy without any connection to outside supply systems.

Off-Grid Systems are used in locations where energy is needed but no electrical grid is available.

Our Off-Grid Systems dispose of various technical components (wind turbine and photovoltaic system) to generate electricity for consumption or saving it in a second moment.

Graphical overview of an Off-Grid-System
Graphical overview of an Off-Grid-System


An inverter converts the generated energy into alternating current in order to make it available for consumers.

If there is no urgent need to consume the energy immediately, it can be stored by using batteries.

Components of the system are chosen depending on the external conditions of the location, especially depending on the particular site conditions.

Site conditions include location, exposure (north, south) and the wind situation of the supplied unit. Regarding the wind situation, it must be considered the wind intensity and constancy of the area.

Along with our partners Uniwind and Intact- batteries, we work on exact solutions for your need in Alto Adige – Italy and Austria.