Smart City System

The innovative system Smart City P5 allows an efficient and advanced surveillance of infrastructure in cities, townships and surroundings. Through public lights an information network is created and transmits data of street lights, water and electricity meters as well as street traffic.

A control center (central computer) is set up and each lamp is equipped with a gateway and a small antenna. Gateways forward the received information and communicate through wireless connection among themselves as well as with the control center.

Light points
Street Light with Gateway


Because of this communication ability, the P5 system offers the following major options:

Gateways are able to regulate the lighting of a road. The transformer receives an input from a chip (from a pedestrian or a rescue vehicle) to modify the light intensity. This order is transmitted through a gateway to a light spot which immediately increases or diminishes the light intensity.

At the same time the Smart City P5 system is able to transport various data. Our water meters have the ability to send their display information to gateways which transmit it through street light to the main office.

Furthermore, a vibration sensor can be integrated into a gateway in order to register the traffic intensity on the road tracing the traffic flow if necessary.